Spiritual Sacred Space


Heema Shah

MSc BA (Hons) PCE




I am a powerful intuitive, empathic and psychic reader, and I can help you with different everyday or once-in-a-lifetime issues:

Spiritual Therapy

With Spritual therapy I combine evidence based Neuroscience, Psychology and Spiritual strategies which will help you find direction when you are feeling lost or have experienced a life-changing event. We will work together, so you can go through your issues, discover your blocks, and carve out your own path.

We can connect in person or even remotely, via phone or video call.

Reiki Healing

The Reiki healing process allows us to identify and release any of your stagnant energy using a variety of techniques such as chakra aura anointing, grounding, and crystals.

I can help you in person or remotely, via phone or video call.

Tarot Readings

I am a trained, professional psychic reader with over 20 years experience.

I do Tarot readings, Crystal Oracle Readings, and Past-life readings.

I can help you in person or remotely, via phone, videocall or email.


Learn what other patrons say about my services.

The healing with Heema was a lovely experience, I felt very welcomed and at ease.

I would recommend a reading to anyone as it was very informative and spiritual.

J.P. – f, 35, UK