Organisation Neuroscience Mental Health Consultancy

Mission & Values

The core mission and values of Spiritual Sacred Space are centred on the integration of both workplace dynamics and individual well-being, reflecting a commitment to holistic development and inclusivity.


1. Holistic Enhancement: To advance both the collective environment and personal well-being within the workplace through the application of neuroscience and psychology.
2. Unified Growth: To align organisational goals with individual employee needs, ensuring that personal development and business objectives reinforce each other.
3. Inclusive Excellence: To weave inclusivity into the fabric of every organisation, recognising that diversity strengthens both the individual and collective resilience and creativity.


1. Interconnectedness: Emphasising the symbiotic relationship between individual employee well-being and overall workplace health.
2. Personal and Professional Balance: Advocating for strategies that support both personal fulfilment and professional achievement.
3. Respect for Individuality: Valuing each person’s unique contribution while fostering a sense of belonging within the larger corporate culture.
4. Shared Responsibility: Encouraging a shared approach to mental health, where the responsibility for creating a supportive environment is collective, involving both the organisation and its members.

By upholding these missions and values, Spiritual Sacred Space aims to create a supportive environment that nurtures both the individual and the organisation, believing that the success of one is inherently linked to the success of the other.

Spiritual Sacred Space’s Commitment to Contribute to a Sustainable and Equitable Future

At Spiritual Sacred Space, our dedication to transforming workplace environments through the harmonious blend of neuroscience and spiritual practices aligns seamlessly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals, aimed at overcoming global challenges for a sustainable and equitable future, resonate with our core objectives.

Here’s how our efforts intersect with key SDGs:

1. Good Health and Well-being (SDG 3): Central to our mission, we strive to enhance mental health and overall well-being within the workplace, echoing the global pursuit of health and wellness for all individuals across every stage of life.

2. Quality Education (SDG 4): Our educational workshops and training programs are designed to broaden the understanding of mental health, neuroscience, and the importance of inclusivity, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

3. Gender Equality (SDG 5): Spiritual Sacred Space champions inclusivity and diversity, advancing gender equality by empowering individuals regardless of gender within the workplace, ensuring everyone has equal opportunities to thrive.

4. Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8): We are committed to boosting productivity and fostering innovation through enhanced mental health practices, contributing to sustainable economic growth and ensuring decent work conditions for all.

5. Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10): Our focus on diversity and inclusivity directly tackles inequalities within the workplace, striving to create an environment where everyone, irrespective of their background, can succeed.

6. Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11): Through promoting a healthier, more inclusive workforce, we indirectly contribute to the development of sustainable communities, where well-being and inclusivity are paramount.

7. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions (SDG 16): By fostering inclusive and supportive workplace cultures, SSS plays a role in promoting peaceful, just, and strong societal structures.

Our alignment with these SDGs underscores our commitment to not just enhancing workplace well-being but also to contributing to the global mission of building a more sustainable, fair, and healthy world for future generations.


  1. Application of neuroscience and psychology in organisational settings, including the understanding and integration of neurodiversity principles.
  2. Coaching and training for individual and collective well-being within workforces, with special attention to neurodiverse individuals.
  3. Developing strategies for productivity enhancement and workforce thriving, recognising the unique contributions of neurodiverse employees.
  4. Promoting diversity and inclusion within society and organisations, with an emphasis on neurodiversity as a key aspect of organisational strength.
  5. Implementing evidence-based approaches for workplace transformation that support neurodiverse ways of working.
  6. Ensuring businesses operate in a manner that values and motivates all employees, with inclusive practices that cater to neurodiversity.
  7. Contributing to the creation of positive societal impacts through organisational practices that embrace neurodiversity.

Overview of Consultancy Services:

1. Neuroscience-Informed Consultancy: Tailoring strategies to improve mental health and productivity using the latest neuroscientific research.

2. Cognitive Science Coaching: Personalised coaching sessions that apply cognitive science principles to foster individual employee growth and well-being.

3. Workforce Training: Customised training programmes designed to enhance mental resilience, diversity awareness, and inclusive practices within teams.

4. Well-Being Workshops: Interactive workshops focusing on stress reduction, mindfulness, and the cultivation of a positive mental space at work.

5. Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Programmes developed to strengthen inclusivity, harnessing diverse perspectives for a more cohesive work environment.

6. Evidence-Based Solutions: Application of scientifically backed methods to transform workplaces into supportive environments for all staff members.

7. Spiritual Integration: Exploring the intersection of spirituality and science to offer holistic approaches to mental health in the workplace.

Each service is crafted to support organisations in creating a sustainable, thriving, and inclusive culture, ensuring that employees feel valued and businesses contribute positively to society.

A Flagship Product

While the specific details would depend on the company’s offerings, here’s an example of what a flagship offering might look like:

 Integrated Workplace Well-Being Program

This program is designed to be the cornerstone of Spiritual Sacred Space’s offerings, encapsulating the principles of neuroscience, psychology, and holistic well-being.

It typically includes:

1. Neuroscience-Based Assessments: Utilising cutting-edge neuroscientific tools to evaluate the mental health and well-being needs of an organisation’s workforce.

2. Customised Well-Being Workshops: Tailored sessions that provide employees with practical strategies to manage stress, enhance productivity, and maintain mental health.

3. Inclusive Culture Coaching: Dedicated coaching for leadership and HR teams to develop and implement inclusive policies and practices that support diversity and foster a sense of belonging.

4. Mindfulness and Resilience Training: Programs aimed at building personal resilience and mindfulness practices, integrating spiritual concepts that resonate across various belief systems.

5. Ongoing Support and Consultation: Continuous engagement with the organisation to refine strategies and support the implementation of well-being initiatives, ensuring they evolve with the organisation’s needs.

6. Holistic Integration Modules: Sessions that explore the intersection of holistic wellness, and science, offering employees optional pathways to explore personal growth and stress management.

This flagship service is designed to be adaptable, ensuring that it can be customised to the specific needs of each organisation, from small businesses to large corporations. It represents the essence of Spiritual Sacred Space’s approach, integrating the individual’s well-being with the overall health of the workplace in a manner that is both scientifically grounded and holistically mindful.