Pet Reiki Healing

Is your pet feeling lethargic, low and restless and you have no idea what to do? You have been giving them supplements, visited the Veternarian and even researched their symptoms on Google. But nothing seems to be helping. Does your pet wake up with no joy or excitement to their day, move around like a ‘zombie’ and experience lethargy or fatigue?

Pet Reiki is a wonderful tool for pets or livestock who have undergone a recent change in their environment or lifestyle and would like to restore their vitality to recalibrate mind, body and soul.

The Pet Reiki Healing process allows us to identify and release any of your pets stagnant energy; using a variety of techniques such as chakra anointing, grounding and crystals.

Benefits of Pet Reiki Healing

Pets benefit from deep relaxation and sense of well-being after a Reiki Healing treatment.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduction in anxiety, stress, nervousness
  • Increase of energy levels
  • Serves well as a complementary therapy to medical treatment
  • Help recovery after injury or trauma
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Alleviate symptoms of depression or bereavement

Pet Reiki Healing

This is a remote healing session.

An animal or pet of your choice will receive remote Reiki healing.  I will call you at the start of the session to explain everything. Whilst your pet relaxes, I will perform distant Pet Reiki healing and afterwards we will reconnect to discuss your pets recovery.

60 minutes – 75 GBP